​The Best Dog Supply Brands

​The Best Dog Supply Brands

There are several different brands of dog food and supplies available in the market. This article will introduce you to the brands you should be aware of and buy for your dog. The brands we will discuss in this article are Earth Animal, Mutts & Hounds, Kurgo, and PetGuard. Check out these reviews for more information. You can choose which brand will suit your dog's needs best. You can also buy products from third-party websites or directly from the manufacturer.

Mutts & Hounds

If you're looking for the most fashionable dog clothes on the market, consider buying your pup's outfits from Mutts & Hounds. This brand was founded in 2011 and draws inspiration from the Cotswold countryside. You can find luxury carriers for your small dog, and stylish harnesses for larger breeds. If your pup has his or her own taste, you might also want to consider a designer label.


A dog owner can rely on the Kurgo brand when it comes to a variety of supplies for his or her pet. Not only does the company sell a wide selection of dog supplies, but they are also a generous sponsor of animal rescue organizations. Their ThunderShirt program, for example, helps fund adoption organizations in disaster zones. These organizations are often the most underfunded, so Kurgo aims to do its part.

Kurgo harnesses are made with heavy-duty materials that are designed to withstand long-term use. The Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Dog Harness has a vest-like design, so it won't constrict your dog's neck. Moreover, Kurgo harnesses don't pill or tear against your dog's nails. In addition, the Kurgo harness comes with dual attachment points to ensure greater control. The Kurgo Tru-Fit harness is ideal for dogs that weigh from five to 110 pounds and have a chest measurement of 12 to 44 inches.

Leashes are another important piece of equipment for your canine friend. Kurgo offers a wide range of leashes, including the revolutionary Quantum Dog Leash, which has six different uses. It can be worn over the shoulder for walking, and it can even double as a tether. These leashes are available in six bright colors, and come with a limited warranty. It's worth checking out the Kurgo Quantum Leash before buying one.

Earth Animal

One of the most innovative dog supply brands, Earth Animal was founded by Dr. Bob Goldstein, who developed over 100 pet products. His philosophy is that animals should never be treated like a delivery system for poison. Therefore, his Natures Protection products are gentler on animals than poisons. Dr. Goldstein is also a veterinarian and has successfully treated thousands of animals with cancer. His protocols are now available for use in Earth Animal products.
Another Earth Animal product is No-Hide chews, which are made from humanely sourced materials. The company also sells herbal medicines, supplements, and no-hide chewable sticks. Earth Animal also donates one percent of its net sales to charitable organizations. The company's offerings are available at independent pet shops nationwide. It is difficult to find Earth Animal products online. However, you can find them on third-party websites.

Earth Animal has expanded its WISDOM(r) dog food line by adding Catfish WISDOM to their current line of dog foods. This product is made with premium ingredients like Chesapeake Bay catfish. The company also avoids invasive species by using sustainably sourced catfish. Besides being humanely sourced, this product also offers balanced nutrition. The company plans to add TruMune postbiotics to their other products in their WISDOM line.


In a recent announcement, PetGuard announced a redesigned website that blends vintage and cutting-edge imagery. The new website offers detailed product information, making it easier to choose the right diet for your pet. In addition, the company will showcase its new packaging at the SuperZoo show in Las Vegas from Aug. 20-22. The updated website also announces that PetGuard products are now available in Canada.

Founded in 1979, PetGuard strives to provide healthy and natural pet foods. This company is committed to improving and developing its products to offer optimal health and long-term nutrition for your pets. PetGuard offers a wide variety of natural dog treats that are packaged in a fun way, even resembling candy bars! You'll love the taste and texture of PetGuard treats!
PetGuard is expanding its reach to Western Canada. The company recently hired four business and operations executives to expand the brand's presence in the pet specialty channel. Bianca Tabone will work closely with Can-Pet to introduce the brand to thousands of Canadian pet owners. Previously, she worked as a territory sales manager for Bold Canine. Now, she's bringing her years of experience to the PetGuard team.

PetGuard's organic canned food is the first of its kind. This product is made from a carefully balanced blend of nutrients, and it's free of animal byproducts and rendered animal fats. Because of this, PetGuard products are a healthy choice for health-conscious pet owners. The company says that many customers are gratified with the improvements their pets have made. If you're wondering what makes PetGuard foods so good, here's a closer look.

Happy Pet

Happy Pet is a top-quality dog supply brand with many different products available. The company began with a rubber ball and has expanded into several brands including Komodo, Kudos, Tabby Chic, and more. The company's products are designed to encourage the natural instincts of animals and their lifestyles. The brand also sells at-home pet grooming products. Read on to learn more about Happy Pet and why they're one of the best brands of dog supplies.

A Dog's Life makes organic treats that are made in-store. The ingredients used are human food grade and contain the highest quality nutrients. Treats come in various flavors such as vegetable, chicken, and barley. Peanut butter and honey are other popular flavors available. These treats are also made to be tasty and nutritious. Happy Pet's products are also environmentally-friendly and contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors.

The company is a part of the Flock's Finest brand. They sell premium pet food and other pet accessories. Their brand may just be your dog's favorite thing. They also have fun dog toys available for sale. It makes you feel like a good pet parent. If you're not sure which dog to buy, check out the Happy Pet website. They offer a variety of great items for both dogs and cats.

A dog can't live without a tasty treat! Kurgo treats are ideal for active dogs. They are available on the website or third-party sites. Earth Animal offers reliable flea and tick protection products. The company also produces chewable sticks without hide for dogs. Some hide products can interfere with the digestion of dogs, so Earth Animal created a no-hide chewable stick for your pup. And Happy Pet also offers affordable dog supplies and treats.

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